Minos Garofalakis -- Recent/Upcoming Talks

  1. "Distributed Data Streams and the Power of Geometry"  

  2. "Querying Distributed Data Streams"  

  3. "Querying Big, Dynamic, Distributed Data"   (pdf)

  4. "HeisenData: Towards Next-Generation Uncertain Database Systems"   (pdf)

  5. "Querying Distributed Data Streams"   (pdf)

  6. "Data-Management Challenges for Big Data Analytics"

  7. "Geometric Query Tracking using Sketches and Models"

  8. "Processing Massive Data Streams"   (pdf)  (pdf-2up)

  9. "Data Streaming in a Networked World: Algorithms and Applications"

  10. "Streaming in a Connected World: Querying and Tracking Distributed Data Streams"   (ppt)  (pdf) (with Graham Cormode)
    Tutorial given at:

  11. "Distributed Data Streams"

  12. "Sketching Streams through the Net: Distributed Approximate Query Tracking"  (ppt)  (pdf)

  13. "Wavelet Synopses with Error Guarantees"  (ppt)  (pdf)

  14. "Sketching Massive Distributed Data Streams"  (ppt)  (pdf)

  15. "Sketching Techniques for Massive Data Streams"  (ppt)  (pdf)

  16. "Constraint-Based Model Mining: Algorithms and Applications" (ppt) 

  17. "Analyzing Massive Data Streams: Past, Present, and Future" (ppt) 

  18. "Querying and Mining Data Streams: You Only Get One Look"  (ppt)  (pdf) (with Johannes Gehrke, Rajeev Rastogi)
    Tutorial given at:

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