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Ekaterini Ioannou

Software Technology and Network Applications Laboratory

Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Technical University of Crete
University Campus
73100, Crete, HELLAS

ioannou AT softnet.tuc.gr
EkateriniIoannou AT acm.org

From Web Data to Entities and Back

Z. Miklos, N. Bonvin, P. Bouquet, M. Catasta, D. Cordioli, P. Fankhauser, J. Gaugaz,
E. Ioannou, H. Koshutanski, A. Mana, C. Niederée, T. Palpanas, and H. Stoermer
In 22nd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE), June 2010, Hammamet, Tunisia.


We present the Entity Name System (ENS), an enabling infrastructure, which can host descriptions of named entities and provide unique identiŻers, on large-scale. In this way, it opens new perspectives to realize entity-oriented, rather than keyword-oriented, Web information systems. We describe the architecture and the functionality of the ENS, along with tools, which all contribute to realize the Web of entities.


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