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Ekaterini Ioannou

Software Technology and Network Applications Laboratory

Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Technical University of Crete
University Campus
73100, Crete, HELLAS

ioannou AT softnet.tuc.gr
EkateriniIoannou AT acm.org

Leveraging Personal Metadata for Desktop Search - The Beagle++ System

Enrico Minack, Raluca Paiu, Stefania Costache, Gianluca Demartini, Julien Gaugaz, Ekaterini Ioannou,
Paul-Alexandru Chirita, and Wolfgang Nejdl
In Journal of Web Semantics, 2010.


Search on PCs has become less efficient than searching the Web due to the increasing amount of stored data. In this paper we present an innovative Desktop search solution, which relies on extracted metadata, context information as well as additional background information for improving Desktop search results. We also present a practical application of this approach-the extensible Beagle++ toolbox. To prove the validity of our approach, we conducted a series of experiments. By comparing our results against the ones of a regular Desktop search solution - Beagle - we show an improved quality in search and overall performance.


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