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Ekaterini Ioannou

Software Technology and Network Applications Laboratory

Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Technical University of Crete
University Campus
73100, Crete, HELLAS

ioannou AT softnet.tuc.gr
EkateriniIoannou AT acm.org

Detecting Contexts on the Desktop Using Bayesian Networks

Stefania Costache, Julien Gaugaz, Ekaterini Ioannou, Claudia Niederée, and Wolfgang Nejdl
In DESKTOP Search Workshop, co-located with SIGIR, July 2010, Geneva, Switzerland.


A good understanding of a user's (working) contexts provides the basis for improved desktop information management, as well as for personalized desktop and Web search. We propose to combine a variety of evidences found by analyzing desktop information for inferring the user's working contexts, and more specifically infer file-to-context assignment using a Bayesian Network. Our preliminary experiments focus on identifying a good selection of evidences to use and show that the choice of evidences is coherent with user assessments for desktop files, as well as the contexts inferred by the Bayesian Network.


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