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Ekaterini Ioannou

Software Technology and Network Applications Laboratory

Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Technical University of Crete
University Campus
73100, Crete, HELLAS

ioannou AT softnet.tuc.gr
EkateriniIoannou AT acm.org

LinkDB: a probabilistic linkage database system

Ekaterini Ioannou, Wolfgang Nejdl, Claudia Niederée, Yannis Velegrakis
In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (demo track), 12-16 June 2011, Athens, Greece.


Entity linkage deals with the problem of identifying whether two pieces of information represent the same real world ob- ject. The traditional methodology computes the similarity among the entities, and then merges those with similarity above some specific threshold. We demonstrate LinkDB, an original entity storage and querying system that deals with the entity linkage problem in a novel way. LinkDB is a probabilistic linkage database that uses existing linkage techniques to generate linkages among entities, but instead of performing the merges based on these linkages, it stores them alongside the data and performs only the required merges at run-time, by effectively taking into consideration the query specifications. We explain the technical challenges behind this kind of query answering, and we show how this new mechanism is able to provide answers that traditional entity linkage mechanisms cannot.


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