Minos Garofalakis -- Students/Postdocs


Graduate Student Alumni

Undergraduate Diploma Thesis Alumni

  1. Christos Ziakas. Thesis: "Implementation of Decision Trees for Data Streams on the Spark Streaming Platform", TUC, September 2018.   (now at TU Munich)
  2. Vassilis V. Digalakis. Thesis: "Data Analytics with Differential Privacy", TUC, August 2018.   (now at MIT)
  3. Zafeiria Moumoulidou. Thesis: "Dynamic Decision Trees in a Distributed Environment", TUC, July 2018.   (now at UMass Amherst)
  4. Periklis Chrysogelos. Thesis: "Streaming, High Performance Support Vector Methods", TUC, August 2016.   (now at EPFL)
  5. Eirini Asteri. Thesis: "Distributed Sliding-Window Matrix Sketching", TUC, August 2016.   (now at UT-Austin)
  6. Andreas Grammenos. Thesis: "A Distributed framework for online pattern discovery in multiple streaming time-series", TUC, March 2015.
  7. Ioannis Demertzis. Thesis: "Private Data Analytics in Cloud Computing Environments", TUC, October 2013.   (now at UMD-College Park)
  8. Georgios Fragiadoulakis. Thesis: "Implementation of Pagerank-based Search Engine on Hadoop", TUC, October 2013.
  9. Georgios Komninos. Thesis: "Implementation of a Client-Server Mashup System using the Android Platform", TUC, April 2013.
  10. Lefteris Soulas. Thesis: "Online Machine Learning for Currency Exchange Rate Prediction", TUC, February 2013.
  11. Vasiliki Prokopi. Thesis: "Managing Information Extraction in a Mashup Environment", TUC, January 2013.
  12. Ioakeim Perros. Thesis: "Soft Co-Clustering in Map-Reduce using Distributed Sparse Matrix Regression", TUC, October 2012.   (now at Georgia Tech)
  13. Stylianos Papagrigoriou. Thesis: "Efficient Segmentation and Classification of Hyper-Spectral Cubes", TUC, July 2012.
  14. Lampros Papageorgiou. Thesis: "Lineage Processing in Uncertain Operator Pipelines", TUC, July 2011.
  15. Georgios Christopoulos. Thesis: "Fast, Efficient Data Stream Clustering Using Hadoop-Online", TUC, July 2011.
  16. Apostolos Nydriotis. Thesis: "Dynamic Web-Service Mashups", TUC, December 2010.    **ACM SIGMOD'2011 Undergraduate Poster Award**
  17. Agis Chartsias. Thesis: "Link Prediction in Large-Scale Social Networks using Hadoop", TUC, July 2010.
  18. Kalliopi Kalantzaki. Thesis: "A High-Performance, Hadoop-based Parallel Crawler", TUC, March 2010.